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Natural Water Hyacinth Grocery bag made in Thailand

Natural Water Hyacinth Grocery bag

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Check out our new natural dried water hyacinth bag.

Hand weaved by artists in Thailand.

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Water hyacinth is mostly found naturally and also known as straw, it can be used to make bags, baskets and many different types of boho items. Dried water hyacinth is light in weight but strong in the grip which makes these straw bags last for years.

Details of this water hyacinth bag.

Size in length on the upper part is 45 cms or 18"

Length of the bottom is 20cms or 8"

Height is 25cms or 10"

Top of Strap to Bottom of the Bag: 52 cm.

These are great for groceries or as a beach bag, wide boxed bottom and handles so you can carry it like a handbag.

Gorgeous handcrafted flowers on the front side of the water hyacinth shoulder bag.

Any questions email me at casafrasta@gmail.com